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Operate your restaurant more effectively

Electronic cash registers simply do not offer the features and functionality needed to effectively run the modern restaurant. As a result, restaurants that have traditionally used electronic cash registers are turning to PC-based POS systems to run their daily operations.

At Restaurant Service Solutions, we offer a variety of affordable, yet powerful, restaurant POS systems that are designed to meet the unique needs of any quick service, fast food, and fast-casual restaurant environment.

Upgrade Your Cash Register

Increase Efficiency & Revenue with a new POS system

Our restaurant POS systems enable staff to gain more control over the ordering process when compared to an outmoded restaurant cash register, ensuring that lines move quickly. Easily enter and process orders via a simple and easy to use touchscreen interface. Our order entry system automatically prompts employees with up-sell and cross-sell opportunities during the ordering process.

Real-time communication between the POS system and kitchen ensures that the right information is sent to your food preparation staff to reduce customer wait times and ensure order accuracy.

Our restaurant POS systems also offer a variety of advanced security features, including reliable, PCI-compliant payment processing.

Why is a restaurant POS system better than
a restaurant cash register?

Operate Your Restaurant Effectively

Make the switch to a POS system

Ultimately, the decision to purchase either a restaurant POS system or a traditional cash register depends on budget and product features. For restaurants with limited budgets and only basic feature requirements, an electronic restaurant cash register may be a more affordable option. However, for fast-paced environments that require advanced functionality and business controls, PC-based POS systems offer a variety of advantages.

Benefits of a quick service POS system:

  • Quick order entry via the touchscreen interface

  • Secure and reliable payment processing

  • Inventory, ingredient and recipe tracking

  • Integrated gift, loyalty, and coupon programs

  • Ability to pull a variety of detailed business reports

  • Additional system security through mag stripe or biometrics technology

  • Easily scalable as your enterprise grows

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