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Take control of your business operations

Today’s quick service restaurant managers face a number of operational challenges. From margin pressure to increased competition and theft, having a quick service POS system to control your business operations is more critical than ever.

At Restaurant Service Solutions, we have the expertise to design a custom quick service POS system that offers every feature you need and solves the operational challenges your business faces on a daily basis. Our POS solutions feature an intuitive touchscreen interface that makes it easier than ever for you or your employees to assist customers, pull reports, and manage inventory. For example, the Panasonic JS-970 All In One is a modular POS system that was designed for maximum flexibility, allowing it to deliver unparalleled performance for restaurant managers.


Benefits of a quick service POS system:

  • Quick order entry via the touchscreen interface
  • Secure and reliable payment processing
  • Inventory, ingredient and recipe tracking
  • Integrated gift, loyalty and coupon programs
  • Ability to pull a variety of detailed business reports
  • Additional system security through mag stripe or biometrics technology
  • Easily scalable as your enterprise grows

A total solutions approach.

Whether you need installation or rollout assistance, additional training, hardware support or a business consulting review, we provide a variety of technology solutions, technical support and consulting services to ensure your restaurant technology operates as expected. Purchasing POS hardware and software from separate vendors will only lead to finger-pointing when problems arise. We offer world-class hardware, software, and support, so you can trust Restaurant Service Solutions for all of your quick service POS system needs.

Efficiency is the number one priority for quick service restaurants, and our custom POS solutions ensure that your operations set the standard for your industry. With our expertise and guidance, you will see lines move faster, return business increase, and profits soar. The quick service POS system hardware and software offered at Restaurant Service Solutions have the features you need to run a successful business.

Interested in learning more?

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