Kitchen Display Systems

Working in the fast-paced environment of restaurants can be chaotic at best. The high demand for quick service on the go can be difficult to meet, but with the help of a kitchen display system, you can expect to see improved accuracy, more productivity, and higher customer satisfaction.

Why use kitchen Display systems?

Kitchen display systems are integrated with your point of sale system, so orders placed at thePOS are displayed on monitors in the kitchen. The kitchen staff can then scroll through orders using a bump bar and a controller. Programmable kitchen display systems sort orders by station or location and prioritize them based on the selected criteria, like timestamps or destination.

This system streamlines the kitchen process by eliminating unreadable tickets or lost kitchen printouts. Orders are more accurate and more efficiently distributed to the right prep station at the right time. Kitchen display systems increase productivity, warning staff when a meal isn’t prepared within the appropriate time frame. Your customers will be pleased with the faster, more accurate results of a kitchen video system.

Benefits of kitchen display systems:

  • Route tickets by item or order and send orders by destination
  • Call attention to item and order details and status with colors, fonts, and other formatting
  • Send orders on-the-fly, one-behind, or at subtotal
  • Dynamically display menu cards for meal prep instructions
  • Improve ticket times, volumes, accuracy and food quality
  • Eliminate costly printers or the need to physically call out orders
  • Redundant system design reduces down time
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Increase restaurant management and productivity

RSS Systems & Solutions

QSR Automations

QSR Automations

QSR Automations provide kitchen display system hardware and software solutions that have been successfully integrated with Focus POS and MicroSale POS. Their reliable, durable hardware combined with intuitive, intelligent software create a complete automated kitchen solution for your restaurant.

ConnectSmart Kitchen Software

This graphical restaurant kitchen automation software allows you to tailor routing and display attributes for every item and order. Easily call attention to order details and status with customizable colors, fonts, and font formatting. This kitchen display system software makes kitchen management a breeze. Staff will easily monitor order status and respond accordingly. Management can also track production and speed data to identify problem areas and implement solutions.

ePic Controller Hardware

This industrialized controller was built to withstand the harshest restaurant kitchens with proven, industry-leading reliability. Setup is simple with its intuitive software management tool. Integrated via Ethernet cable with your POS system, this controller is connected at each kitchen display station and eliminates any single point of failure.

xCeed Controller Hardware

The xCeed kitchen display system controller is powered by the Microsoft Windows CE operating system and includes a powerful processor, industrialized construction, extensive interfaces, and easy-to-program flash memory. The xCeed is powerful enough to support browser content, rotated video, graphics, and photos. You’ll also be able to use advanced diagnostic tools with ControlPoint, a software tool that manages QSR hardware.

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