Restaurant Video Surveillance Technologies

Ensure that your business, your customers, and your staff are protected

Due to the constant flow of customers, long hours, and high employee turnover rates, restaurants run a high risk for theft and other crimes. Research has shown that crime is reduced simply by having security cameras visible within and around an establishment.

Restaurant security cameras will give owners and managers peace of mind, ensuring the safety of the restaurant, customers, and staff.

Why use Restaurant Video Surveillance?

Keep cash safe and protect your business

There are a myriad of benefits that come from having a restaurant camera system installed in your establishment, but the real need for them boils down to safety. Prominently placed restaurant security cameras will reduce theft and assist in the identification of criminals in the event of a robbery.

Additionally, a restaurant video surveillance will provide critical legal protection in the event of a customer or employee accident, i.e. slipping and falling, in a quick service restaurant. The system will allow restaurant operators to view recorded footage of events as well as real- time restaurant activity. Restaurant operators can access the system remotely and at any time with a smartphone or computer.

Benefits of restaurant video surveillance

  • Prevent employee and customer theft
  • Deter robberies and other crimes
  • Ensure health codes are adhered to
  • Settle disputes
  • Monitor employee performance

A Restaurant Video Surveillance System will protect your restaurant, your employees, and your customers

Restaurant operators can review the cameras live and recorded in a high quality 1080 pixel picture.

Such a high quality picture is necessary in the event of a dispute. Managers will be able to play back video from a specific date and time to determine the truth as to where blame lies. A clear picture will leave no room for doubt and will allow the successful settling of any issues that arise between employees or employees and customers.

ACT DVR Surveillance System

The ACT DVR Surveillance System features a user friendly graphic interface recording a 1080p video. Managers will be able to monitor several areas at once with multiple screen division.

Managers and owners will also be able to view activity remotely and at any time from a smartphone or computer.

This impressive system also features powerful motion detection and other formidable Pentaplex features such as live display, recording, playback, back up, and network transmission.

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