PCI Compliance for Quick Service Restaurants

Ensure your business is compliant with PCI standards.

The possibility of a data breach is every quick service restaurant owner’s nightmare. Data breaches are costly, complicated, and break the trust of your customers. Not to mention, they cause a huge disruption to the flow of your business.

Unfortunately, hackers are smart and sophisticated. They use multiple doors and windows to get into your POS system and steal data. There are a lot of myths surrounding PCI compliance and what it is as well as what it means for your business. At its most basic level, PCI compliance is an ongoing process designed to obstruct hackers from accessing credit card data.


Why become PCI compliant?

Many quick service owners don’t know that once they’ve been infiltrated, it takes almost four months to realize malware has affected their system. Four months is more than enough time for hackers to gather consumer data and put your customers, as well as your business, at risk.

PCI security requirements include 250 distinct controls involving your network security, payment application, and operations. As a quick service restaurant owner, you are responsible for network security, regular network monitoring and testing, system updates and patches, PCI training, operational procedures that support ongoing security, and annual compliance documentation.

If, in the event of a data breach, you are found non-compliant with any of these facets, you will face damage to your brand and reputation, investigation costs, remediation costs, and additional fines and fees.

Why use our Trustwave full PCI compliance solution?

PCI compliance doesn't have to be complex.

At RSS, we understand that PCI compliance can be daunting to quick service owners who are simply trying to understand what they need to do to secure their business. For that reason, we’ve partnered with Trustwave, a world leader in PCI compliance and managed network security. This partnership is meant to provide customers with assistance in achieving PCI compliance and ensure that all payment card transactions are processed securely.

Because many business owners are unfamiliar with all of the rules and standards put forth by PCI compliance, and this lack of knowledge can be devastating in the event of a security breach, our Trustwave full PCI compliance solution provides business owners not only with the information, but also with the tools they need to protect their customers and their business.

Our full PCI compliance solution offers:

  • Centralized logging and reporting
  • 24/7/365 monitoring and support
  • Customer portal access
  • Quarterly internal and external vulnerability scanning
  • Firewall data loss prevention
  • $100,000 breach protection
  • And much more

Interested in learning more?

Find out more about PCI compliance and how we can help secure your
quick service restaurant against crippling attacks.


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