Drive-Thru Headset

Quick service restaurants depend heavily on the ability to deliver high-quality customer service as quickly as possible. Hearing and understanding customer orders correctly is critical for this. That’s why a digital drive-thru headset system is necessary for eliminating order entry errors and increasing the speed at which customers are served.

Reap a generous ROI with a drive-thru headset

Delivering quality customer service at the highest speed possible means staff members tending to your drive-thru window need to be able to clearly hear customer orders. Misheard customer orders can sour the customer experience and end in a potential loss of future profit. To avoid this, it is instrumental to implement the clearest digital drive-thru headset system possible. The right drive-thru headset will drastically improve quick service order accuracy and increase profits, thus delivering a solid ROI (return on investment).

Benefits of a drive-thru headset

  • Improve order accuracy
  • Increase speed of service and boost customer satisfaction
  • Provide clearer communication with customers by eliminating kitchen noise
  • Deliver greater order accuracy by the dramatic reduction of outside noise
  • Ability to set alerts, greetings, and reminders

Is your digital drive-thru headset system in need of an upgrade?

Panasonic’s Attune II

The Panasonic Attune II delivers an end to annoying drive-thru conversations with customers. With the Panasonic wireless drive-thru headset, your employees won’t need to ask customers to repeat themselves over and over again, speeding up order time and drastically decreasing order entry errors.

Clear communication is such an essential part of quick service operations that it could be detrimental to the success of your business if you do not implement the best communication technology possible.

Learn more about the Panasonic Attune II Digital Drive-Thru System

HME Ion EOS System

Using wideband and advanced noise reduction technology, the HME Ion EOS System delivers a clear and understandable digital drive-thru headset system. Marking an end to maddening drive-thru conversations with customers, the HME Ion EOS digital drive-thru headset system will single-handedly decrease order errors and increase speed of service.

Failing to implement such a cutting edge solution could hurt quick service business as competitors rush to adopt the technology and gain the competitive edge. The HME Ion EOS drive-thru headset will establish clear lines of communication with customers, ensuring that your customers receive great service and continue to frequent your establishment regularly.

Learn more about the HME EOS HD®

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