Successful Restaurant Scheduling

Written by  on 02 March 2020

Efficiently scheduling your restaurant staff is not a simple task. Proactive scheduling involves more than simply writing out your employees’ weekly schedules with pen and paper. There should be a great deal of thought and planning from managers, taking into consideration employee availability and business sales projections. Finding a balance between these two factors is the key to creating successful staff schedules.

Elements of Successful Restaurant Scheduling

Regular communication between managers and employees is crucial. Staff members should be able to make known their times of availability to avoid scheduling conflicts and maintain constant communication with managers. To avoid confusion, schedules should start on Sundays, meaning schedules for the following week should be posted no later than Friday of the previous week. The schedule should be easily accessible for viewing by employees, whether it be electronically or printed copies. It may also be to your benefit to include employee contact information on each new schedule to make shift changes and trades hassle-free amongst employees.

More important than noting employee availability, is projecting sales based on previous sales trends. When managers have access to this type of information, they can accurately assume the necessary labor percentage while creating schedules accordingly.

QSROnline - The Key to Successful Restaurant Scheduling

Luckily for you, QSROnline’s advanced online labor Scheduler automatically completes all of these tasks. By integrating with your POS system, QSROnline projects your sales, allowing you to copy previous schedules used for similar sales predictions or to create entirely new schedules. QSROnline’s labor Scheduler also allows managers to set employee availability and sends managers daily reports detailing their day-to-day labor costs.

Once schedules have been created and saved in the system, they are instantly sent to all employees via text, email, or pushed to the Employee App. From the App, the employees can post shifts, request to trade shifts, and request time off. 

Another benefit of QSROnline is increased communication between employees and managers through the use of QSROnline’s Managing and Employee Apps.  Because managers can see who is clocking in and out and at what times, they are able to distinguish top employees from those who are underperforming to ultimately cut labor costs.

Alexis Hesseltine serves as a Sales Executive for QSROnline with a focus on improving restaurant operations through system integrations and data automation. She uses her marketing and sales experience to share the QSROnline brand with restaurateurs across the nation. Alexis appreciates the challenges that come with the ever-changing restaurant industry and speaking with new people every day. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her family and her french bulldog, Winnie.
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