Internet Down? What's Your Plan?

Written by  on 29 July 2019

What would happen to your business if your internet failed? For many of us, the internet seems so reliable that it may seem laughable to ask this question, but internet failures do occur. Road crews and construction workers do accidentally cut lines. Lines do fail. And systems in some areas still struggle to keep up with the growing demand that we place on them.

So, what's your internet backup plan? Can you afford to not have one?

At RSS, we have a plan for you.

Our Internet Fail-over Solution integrates with your ISP provided system. It monitors the signal from your ISP and begins providing cellular internet data seamlessly for as long as the ISP signal is down. Never again worry about losing business because you can't process credit cards. Never again miss a sale because you can't run your POS system. Never again lose access to your cloud-hosted software and files because your ISP service failed.

Do you have an internet backup plan in place? If not, get a FREE consultation today. You can't afford to not to.

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