Complex labor laws and your POS

Written by  on 09 November 2018

Does your POS simplify your life?

Nations Restaurant News recently reported a change to rules regulating how restaurant owners compensate tip-employees for non-tip work. Labor Department abandons Obama-era “80/20 rule”. Before, employers could not pay tipped employees who performed non-tip work for 20% of their time at sub-minimum wage rates. This is the “80/20” rule.

This is good news! The 80/20 rule created management complexities for restaurant owners and managers. It opened the door to an increase in litigation from employees. It also highlighted the need for robust software for tracking an employee's hours other activities.

That need is not gone. Owners and managers still need robust systems for tracking things like:

  • When an employee goes on and off the clock
  • When an employee takes a break and for how long
  • The different job functions that an employee performs throughout the day and for how long
  • Activities related to working minors
  • Cash tips for employees

Your POS is the heart of your restaurant!

The system at the heart of this tracking in the Point of Sale (POS). The POS is more than an order taking / cash register replacement. It is the heart of your restaurant and you need to make sure that yours has strong scheduling and activity tracking functionality.

RSS can help take the complexity out of employee activity tracking. To learn how we can help contact us today by filling out the form below!


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