Complex labor laws and your POS

Written by on 09 November 2018,
Does your POS simplify your life? Nations Restaurant News recently reported a change to rules regulating how restaurant owners compensate tip-employees for non-tip work. Labor Department abandons Obama-era “80/20 rule”. Before, employers could not pay tipped employees who performed non-tip work for 20% of their time at sub-minimum wage rates. This is the “80/20” rule.
Your ability to accept credit cards is critical to your business, and your POS software is at the center of it all. Its ability to process credit cards is the difference between a smooth customer experience and a difficult one. In the case of MC BIN-2, poor customer experience isn't the only risk associated with running an out of date POS. Non-compliance could cost your business thousands of dollars. Contact RSS Today - we can…
While many restaurants have improved service in the front of establishment using new point of sale (POS) solutions, the process of getting orders to the kitchen is still very old fashioned. If your wait staff is still handing written tickets through a window or attaching them to a wheel, you’ve left yourself open to costly mistakes and inefficiencies. By replacing these manual order processing systems with a modern kitchen display system, you can improve accuracy,…
It seems like loyalty programs are everywhere, from the gas station to the grocery store, and most larger chain restaurants offer some sort of loyalty or points-based programs, as well as sell gift cards. Smaller chains and independent businesses are eyeing their own restaurant loyalty programs and gift card offerings, but may be unsure how to begin or if there are any benefits. The Ease of Beginning Loyalty and Gift Card Programs The costs to…
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