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For over 20 years, QSR Automations has been helping thousands of restaurants of all types and sizes to effectively enhance productivity and boost profits, while simultaneously providing an unparalleled, personalized dining experience for each guest. From table service, fine dining, quick service, and fast casual establishments to concessions, pizzerias, multi-concept restaurants, and other unique hospitality environments, QSR’s revolutionary in-store, online, and mobile software and hardware solutions position all operations for growth.

There is a solution for every need, whether in the kitchen, the host stand, or POS. Since 1996, has worked with global favorites, mom-and-pop shops across the country, and everything in between. RSS is an authorized vendor and provides QSR’s solutions to customers across the country.

Features and Benefits

Kitchen Display Systems – ConnectSmart Kitchen (CSK)

  • Reduce ticket times and creates a more efficient kitchen
  • Improves food quality by pacing items so that each prep station operates efficiently
  • Captures restaurant data so that management can make decisions easier

QSR even offers cloud solutions, allowing you to access real-time data and make decisions from wherever you are.

Guest Management Software- DineTime

  • Simplifies the host stand by quoting accurate wait times and managing reservations
  • Increase guest loyalty through convenience and personalized service
  • Gives you full ownership of your guestbook
  • Collects essential restaurant analytics to make smarter decisions and provide better service

DineTime includes a companion consumer app that helps you get found by diners. Guests can check wait times and make reservations directly from the app. You’ll get unlimited reservations with a flat monthly rate – no cover fees.

Integrating QSR Automations Solutions

CSK integrates with 65 POS systems and a number of pagers, giving you a variety of options. This enables its customers to immediately enhance their operations by adding one or more QSR Automations solutions to their existing lineup of technologies. At any time, restaurant operators can also choose to implement the POS system that best meets their needs, without changing their existing QSR Automations products. What’s more, because QSR Automations solutions integrate with so many different POS systems, customers that may have multiple brands of POS systems installed across many restaurant locations can consistently gather critical operational, production, and guest data from all restaurants—no matter which vendor’s POS technology has been deployed in any particular unit.

The POS experts at RSS can answer all your QSR Automations solutions questions to help you determine which options are right for your restaurant operation and will best suit its needs. Contact us today.


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