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Part of our complete solutions at RSS is continuous support.

At Restaurant Service Solutions, we are committed to delivering exceptional technical support so that your quick service restaurant can run with minimal interruption. We offer a variety of support plans designed to meet the unique needs of your quick service establishment.


Select a POS support option below:

Our technical support options include:


POS Help Desk

POS Help Desk

Our world-class help desk offers live technical support. Call our technical support team to receive immediate over the phone and remote log-in assistance to quickly remedy any technical issues you are experiencing. Need help? Call us at (877) 753-0154.

Advanced Exchange

Advanced Exchange

When your quick service POS system is down and you need a replacement, our advance exchange program allows customers to request and receive replacement POS hardware the next day. If our help desk can’t solve the problem over the phone or through a remote log-in, we’ll ship you the working replacement equipment.

On-site Service

On-site Service

Our team of experienced POS technicians will visit your location(s) to diagnose and resolve any technical issues that require hands-on repair. Choose a plan with a prepaid number of service calls or a pay as you go option. Contact us to schedule a day and time for a POS technician to visit your store.


Customer Downloads

Easily access popular downloads for your technology equipment. Contact our help desk for assistance in accessing one of the downloads listed below:


2680 Technology Drive
Louisville, KY 40299

Phone: (502) 753-0154
Toll-Free: (877) 753-0154
Fax: (502) 753-0152

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