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Get to Know the Company behind MicroSale POS Software.

MicroSale has been helping restaurants find the right POS solution since 1989. With over 12,000 users and counting, they’ve worked to develop powerful POS software for the unique needs of quick service restaurants. Their Windows-based system is designed to help maximize profits and simplify management tasks for all QSRs, from small businesses to large franchises

MicroSale is trusted by well-known QSRs from across the country, including Arby’s and Tossed. As an authorized reseller, RSS has been providing MicroSale solutions to customers nationwide.

MicroSale POS Software Features

MicroSale values the input of their customers, so they’ve developed features that are designed to meet the true needs of QSRs. With their conversational ordering feature, staff members can take orders in a conversational tone, unconstrained by the parameters of sequential programming. Conversational ordering improves customer satisfaction and makes it simple for employees to enter orders quickly and accurately. Gain peace of mind that employee theft will be minimized with MicroSale POS software’s error correct feature. This safeguard only allows cashiers to delete the last item on a virtual check to prevent theft.

Improve your speed of service with preselection combos and combo detection. Employees can quickly select combo items from the menu, and the software will automatically enter the default size and side choice. If a customer orders all the items in a combo meal separately, combo detection will automatically apply the appropriate price, saving your customers money and preventing cashiers from having to reenter items.

Key Features:

  • Conversational ordering
  • Error correct feature
  • Preselection combos
  • Combo detection
  • Manager email alerts
  • Food prep forecaster

Integrate MicroSale POS Software

With compatible technologies, like solutions from QSR Automations, all of your crucial systems can communicate with each other, allowing you to get consistent and easily accessible feedback on your entire restaurant. Equipped with this valuable information, you’ll be able to operate more efficiently and make better business decisions. MicroSale POS software is even more powerful when combined with other technologies in your quick service restaurant.

Kitchen Display System

Increase customer satisfaction with more efficient and accurate order preparation. Integrate your kitchen display system with your POS to efficiently send orders to the kitchen staff. With orders clearly displayed, employees can quickly and accurately prepare items.


Integrated drive-thru cameras capture a picture of drive-thru patrons, enabling staff to match orders with customers. Take payments from customers while simultaneously taking an order. Integrated order confirmation boards allow customers to correct mistakes before their order is prepared.

ERP and Accounting

MicroSale’s Enterprize Solutions is an ERP integration feature that enables backing-up all restaurant data to your corporate office, keeping information safe and secure. View reports, including net sales, discounts and voids. Change menu items, prices, and wages all from one central location.

Restaurant Video Surveillance

CCTV enables you to capture video of who entered and left your establishment and what happened while they were there. In the case of theft, integration with your POS enables you to see exactly what was in the cash register at the time and catch the culprit in action.

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